Table set up for Valentine or Christmas with (1) Bose

Karaoke table set up

Table set up for Saint Patricks Day dance with 32inch monitor for the karaoke singer

Disco lights

Disco lights

Hitachi 50inch LED TV, used to let the audience see what the singer is singing

Insignia 32inch smart TV, using as a monitor for the karaoke singer

Tripod that I use to hold the 32inch and 50inch monitors for karaoke, have 2

Behringer Henyh H2222, my main mixer

MX 12, my small backup mixer

HDMA cable – have (2) 25ft, – have (1) 20ft and several that are shorter

Movcle HDMI Splitter, HDC-104, (1) input with (4) outputs – have 2

Rocketfish HDMI 4K Ultra HD Splitter, 1 input and 2 output connections

Rocketfish HDMI 3D , with 4 input and 1 output connections

37inch folding card table that I set up on, have 2

What the base of the Bose looks like

Sennheiser Evolution Wireless G4 Mic, have 2

Shure wireless transmitter to feed a second speaker at the back of the dancing area

Bose L1 Compact

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